Summer Participation on Outside Teams

Courtesy: Green Bay Athletics
Release: March 28, 2012
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A student-athlete may compete on an outside team in a non-collegiate, amateur competition during the summer vacation period.  Number of student-athletes participating on the same team is limited to 2 in basketball and volleyball, 5 in soccer, and 4 in softball.

In basketball, student-athletes must receive the prior approval of the athletic director.  All basketball teams/leagues must be approved by the NCAA, therefore, you cannot compete in 2-on-2, 3-on-3 teams (e.g., Hoop-it-Up Tournaments).  Basketball student-athletes must complete Summer Basketball League Participation Request Form.

In volleyball/soccer (between May 1 and end of spring semester), it is permissible for student-athletes to compete on an outside team, provided participation occurs no earlier than May 1, no more than two VB players are from the same school, the competition is approved by the director of athletics and no class time is missed because of activities. In VB, all practice and competition during this time period is confined to doubles tournaments in outdoor volleyball (on sand or grass).

In individual sports (CC, Golf, Tennis, Swim & Dive, Nordic Ski), a student-athlete may accept prize money based on his or her place finish or performance in an open athletics event (an event that is not invitation only), provided the competition occurs outside the institution's declared playing and practice season during the institution's summer vacation period.  Such prize money may not exceed actual and necessary expenses and may be provided only by the sponsor of the open event.  The calculation of actual and necessary expenses shall not include the expenses or fees of anyone other than the student-athlete (e.g., coach's fees or expenses, parent's expenses).  Keep all of your receipts for your expenses (gas, hotel, entry fee, etc.).  Golfers must be sure to abide by all USGA Amateurism rules.

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