Contacts with PSAs at Competition Sites

Courtesy: Green Bay Athletics
Release: February 01, 2012
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General Rule  — NCAA Bylaw

Recruiting contact may not be made with a prospect (or a prospect’s parents) prior to any athletics competition in which the prospect is participating during the day or days of competition, even if the prospect is on an official/unofficial visit.  Contact includes the passing of notes or verbally relaying information to a prospective student-athlete by a third party on behalf of an institutional staff member and telephone calls.  (Bylaw; 1/26/94 Interpretation). 

Yes, telephone calls are included in this definition of  contact. 

Prospect who has signed a National Letter of Intent with Green Bay

Even though a prospect has signed an NLI with Green Bay and a coach would then have unlimited contacts with a prospect, the provisions of Bylaw still must be followed.  Contact can be made with the parents of a prospect while the prospect is competing.  However, coaches are reminded to be careful when there are other parents around as contact may or may not be allowed with them (depending on the recruiting period). 

Prospect would like to visit the day before a tournament

No contact may be made from the time the prospect reports on call (at the direction of the prospect’s coach or comparable authority) and becomes involved in competition-related activity (e.g., traveling to the competition) until its completion. Thus, if an entire team travels together to the competition city the day before competition, a prospect cannot make an unofficial visit to the campus that day.

Prospects who travel on their own (and not at the direction of the coach) to the competition city on the day before “reporting” on call, the prospect may take a visit to campus.

Prospect would like to visit the night between competitions

Prospect cannot make an official or unofficial visit to campus until they have completed their final contest in the competition and have been released by the appropriate authority, usually a coach. Thus, if a prospect competes on a Saturday and is eligible to compete on Sunday, he/she cannot make a visit Saturday night.

Prospect would like to visit on “off” day

If competition occurs on nonconsecutive days, it is permissible to visit campus on the day off. For example, if a tournament is on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, a prospect could visit campus on Friday.

Prospect would like to make a visit following the tournament

It is permissible for coaches to contact a prospect at an away-from-home competition site if the competition has been completed, the prospect has departed the meeting and dressing facility and the institutional authority permits the prospects to have contact with the collegiate coach during the time (Bylaw

If the competition occurs on campus, the prospect must leave campus before taking a visit. This means the prospect, at the least, must go across the street before returning to campus.

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