Editor's Note: Back by popular demand. Coming off another historic season which featured the program's record-14th consecutive regular season Horizon League championship, as always there is a lot of anticipation for the next season in Green Bay women's basketball. Every Thursday throughout the summer, Assistant Director of Athletics Communications Jill Wunrow will sit down with one player to talk about the expectations they have for themselves for the upcoming season and what fans can expect to see from them individually. This week we check in with our first of two juniors in Breannah Ranger.

Redshirt Junior, Breannah Ranger (Skokie, Ill.), 6'2", F

As you enter your junior campaign at Green Bay, what are you most looking forward to this season?

"I'm really looking forward to being on the court in the five spot this season and getting the ball from the guards and scoring big."

Having had the extreme honor of working with Julie Wojta on a daily basis in the post position, what did you learn from her that you've been working on in the offseason or will carry with you throughout the remainder of your career?

"Just being stronger with the ball on defense as well as scoring week. There can never be another Julie Wojta, she's unbelievable and can do everything. I'm confident I can fill that five spot and work just as hard."

Last season you had spurts of what Breannah Ranger can do, like grab 12 points while dishing out two assists in 16 minutes of play, what can fans expect from you this season?

"I hope to bring my competitive drive and be more consistent this season than last season. I'm a hard-working post player that can score and am also hoping to be the big post in the five spot who can be a challenge for our opponents on defense."

What do you need to improve on the most in order to be the player you want to be in the 2012-13 season?

"With Coach Borseth we've been working on a lot of shots so I hope to shoot well this season. Coach actually had me shoot threes a couple of times, which I've never done since I've been here. I think I actually did pretty good shooting threes. I don't think anyone expects me to shoot them but I know I can definitely make them. Individually I've been working on a lot of shots and free throws based on a drill we were given to do in order to train us to shoot quicker."

You have the honor of playing for Coach Borseth this season. What have you seen from Coach Borseth so far that has been refreshing and unexpected and how excited are you to have him at Green Bay?

"He's just so energizing and I love it. During individuals this year he jumped right in drills with us and pushed us around a little bit so that excited me to have our coach jump right in drills with us and push us around."

What's your go-to post move to use and why?

"I love the drop step or the reverse seal and when the guards lob it to me. I love jumping up and going to get the ball, it's like a football team to me; I'm not sure why, I just love going to get the ball."

Should you have any free time during the summer months, what do you typically spend your day doing?

"A lot of lifting, pickup, sleeping and eating; in that cycle. In my free time as a team we have done cook outs, gone to teammate's houses and beaches sometimes. My teammates know I don't like to stay out in the sun much so if they have an umbrella there I go with them; I don't need a tan."

Favorite ice cream or summer treat and why?

"Anything with caramel, I love it! I don't really have a favorite as long as it has caramel in it.

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