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Release: November 07, 2011
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The 2011 Senior class played its last home match at the Kress Events Center on Saturday. Senior right side hitter and co-captain, Abbey Gitter, took time to reflect back on her career as a Green Bay Volleyball player:

By Abbey Gitter

Hi Phoenix fans! As I sat down to brainstorm ideas for my final GBVB blog, I couldn't ignore all the goofy memories that flooded in from the past four years. For those of you that know me, you know I enjoy a good laugh. Any story involving irony, mix ups, or wipeouts is bound to get me going. And for those that know me better, you know that more often than not, I am the lead role in these types of stories :) So bear with me fans, as I reminisce some of the finest moments of my career here as a Phoenix. I'll leave the heartfelt and sentimental for senior night, and stick to only my deepest confessions of ridiculousness.

There was the time my freshman year when we concluded our spring season with a game of dodge ball. Somehow we had convinced our strength coach at the time, Coach Wade, and our entire coaching staff to join in the action. After an over-aggressive Coach Wade had successfully knocked over Kelly Mischler for a ball and hit an injured Carlie Willison sitting in a sling on the sideline, he decided to face off with Coach Kirch. Coach Kirch's fearlessness and competitiveness managed to keep the challenge going for a little while, but eventually Coach Wade's ruthlessness prevailed. I wish I could say the story ends here, but unfortunately the phrase, "I laughed so hard, I peed my pants," rang true for me that day, and in this case it was spandex.

The next years involved many more mishaps, including the time I sprinted ¾ around the block in hopes to flag down the bus driver because we had forgotten the camera bag. Then there was a day in practice when I unexpectedly tripped and went down hard mid-play. I thought for sure, and still argue that I had collided with someone, or at least tripped over someone's foot. When I looked around for another player on the ground or someone to apologize to, I was informed that no one else was involved. They claim I tripped over my own feet. Another favorite was the time I wore a bleeding-prone, neon green sports bra under my white jersey.... twice. Let's just say I owe Coach big time for her stain removing skills and patience.

Lastly, I should mention the week Coach spent investigating a missing loaf of bread from the team room. We were all concerned, myself included, at the thought of someone stealing from our team room. When I finally realized that I had taken a loaf of bread home with me earlier that week, the awful truth surfaced. What I thought had been an innocent loaf of give-away bread (which by the way I swung around my head the entire walk home singing "free bread, free bread") was indeed the "stolen" loaf Coach was referring to. Although it was painful and extremely embarrassing to come forward, it was nice to know our team room thief had been caught and would never steal again :)

I'm sure if we asked my teammates or coaches for more of these "memories," this blog would have tripled in size. I thank them all, especially Coach, for their patience and for loving me despite my many faults. I can only hope that it isn't too soon to look back and laugh.

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