Top 10 Things Volleyball Coaches Love About the Quiet Period

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Release: May 13, 2011
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Each NCAA sport has its own recruiting calendar which is broken up into Evaluation Periods (coaches are allowed to be involved in on and off-campus recruiting activities), Dead Periods (coaches are not allowed to be involved in on or off-campus recruiting activities), and Quiet Period (coaches are allowed to be involved in on-campus recruiting activities but not off-campus activities). We only have a few days each year that are designated as Dead Periods, but we have two months of Quiet Periods. One Quiet period takes place May 1 to Memorial Day weekend. Besides being a Quiet period, we are also not allowed to work with our team from the last week of classes until August. So the month of May is truly a "Quiet" month for volleyball coaches and the unofficial start to our summer!

By Head Coach Debbie Kirch

Top 10 Reasons Volleyball Coaches (or at least this volleyball coach) Look Forward to Quiet Periods:

10.    Cramming in all those appointments we never seem to have time for -- dentist, doctor, haircuts, vets, etc. You name it, we are scheduling an appointment for it. Oil changes are easy to remember because there are only 4 times a year we can get them: winter break, spring break, beginning of the summer, end of the summer. Our calendars get filled up quickly during May!

9.      Spring cleaning! As the spring season ends, we realize that we actually have a home outside of the Kress Center and it is in desperate need of cleaning! May is a great time to give it a thorough cleaning from top to bottom.

8.      Enjoying the fact that we aren't living out of a suitcase. We tend to have one partially packed at all times ready to go. There are times, when the alarm goes off in the morning and we aren't sure what city we are in. It's just nice to spend time at home.

7.      Setting the alarm for a time other than 4:30 am. Since we practice in the morning during the off-season, we are getting up pretty early every day. I will be the first to admit that it is nice to be able to set the alarm for a little later time during the summer.

6.      Catch up on office work. The gym is definitely the preferred "office" for coaches, but most of our job isn't in the gym and during the semester, our office work gets away from us. The month of May is a great time to play catch up, as well as take care of a lot of things for the fall. Hard to believe, but we are already putting together practice schedules, calendars, ordering equipment, etc. for the fall.

5.      Playing hooky! Not going to lie, as the weather warms up (and it will warm up!), it is nice to get out of the office while the sun is still up - take a bike ride, go to the driving range, go for a run. After the long winter (we did get 9" of snow on April 19!), we want to enjoy the good weather while we can.

4.      Spending time with friends and families. Hardest thing about being involved in college athletics is working the majority of the weekends. Between the fall and spring seasons, and recruiting, we are working about 75% of the weekends each year, and most of those weekends are out of town. During the month of May we get to spend time with family and friends.

3.      Getting in shape! Yes, many coaches live under the motto, "do as I say not as I do" when it comes to staying in shape. We tend to use the overused excuse "we don't have time". Combine that with the fact that it's hard to eat healthy when we travel so much and you get a poor level of fitness. This is the time of year most coaches try to get back into a healthy routine. We will see how long it lasts!

2.      Learning that there are more options for dinner than meal in a bag, meal in a box or takeout. The recipe books get dusted off and we actually use pots, pans and ingredients in order to produce a meal. Unfortunately, this does not go over well with #3.

1.      Spending time with my husband! I consider myself to be very lucky to have a wonderful husband, Dan. I couldn't do what I do without him. He's extremely supportive and understanding. There are more weekends then I can count when all the "chores" get dumped on him. There is no bigger fan for the Phoenix Volleyball program than him. People think that because we work together we see each other a lot, but our time together tends to be centered around sporting events - games, matches, banquets, awards ceremonies, fund raisers, etc. And our travel schedules tend to be opposite of each other, so when I'm traveling, he's in town and vice versa. During the summer, we get to spend a lot of quality time together and we definitely appreciate that time we have.

Don't get me wrong, we love our jobs. Not only do we have the opportunity to be involved in the sport we love, but we also have the chance to work with an incredible group of young ladies each year - get to know them, see them grow as people and student-athletes while they are at UWGB, see them succeed in the "real world" after they graduate. We think of them as our daughters and every year is different because every team is unique. But just as I'm sure they enjoy a break from us : ), we enjoy the Quiet periods as well.

Have a great summer everyone! We are already looking forward to 2011!

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