First Ever GBVB Olympics

Courtesy: Green Bay Athletics
Release: May 03, 2011
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By Lyndsay Zabkowicz

Team Abbey: Abbey, Sabrina, Leah V., Leah P., Al, Haley, Kara, Kelly

Team Carlie: Carlie, Lyndsay, Monica, Katie, Brittany, Carmen, Jamie, Whitney           

Last week, the Green Bay volleyball hosted its first ever GBVB Olympics! Our captains drafted two teams, Team Abbey and Team Carlie (the team I was on). Looking at my team I was sure we would win! We couldn't wait for the week to begin!

After the Opening Ceremonies, Day One consisted of all volleyball-related games. Team Abbey took an early 4-0 start after winning a very close Beijing doubles tournament, Swedish, Bonus Ball and Nittany Lion Challenge. Team Abbey jumped out to a 18-0 lead. The last event of the day was Seated Volleyball which was the most exciting event! Team Carlie knew it had to find a way to pull this one out in order to stay in the competition and we stepped to the plate. Team Abbey was not able to compete with Brittany's huge blocks and Carlie's line drive serve. At the end of the day Team Abbey still had a commanding 18-4 lead, but team Carlie was not ready to back down.

After a huge victory in Seated Volleyball (and Coach Kirch manipulating the points to allow Team Carlie to still have a chance at the gold), Day Two began! The only competition for Day Two was a basketball game. We could not wait to show off our basketball skills! Team Carlie was sure it would win, as Carlie claimed she picked her team based on basketball ability. This proved to be right and Team Carlie dominated on the basketball court with Carlie's post-up skills and Carmen's three pointers. Team Abbey did show a little spark with Haley and Kelly's three pointers and Leah P's half court shot but this was not enough and Day Two ended with a win for Team Carlie. We were still down 18-7, but climbing back into it.

Going into Day Three, Team Carlie knew they would need to win every event to get a shot at the gold! The day started with two fitness tests -- the 300-yard shuttle and the med ball toss. Team Abbey came out strong out of the gate and dominated the shuttle, but Team Carlie responded by taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the the med ball toss. Even though we were out of the running for the Gold, we weren't going to stop fighting.

The Olympics always end with the most important events and the GBVB Olympics were no different - we finished with Dodgeball and Kickball. Despite Team Carlie winning Game 1 in Dodgeball, Team Abbey won the match, 3-1. Sabrina came up huge by carrying over her softball skills into Dodgeball. Team Carlie had no match for her!

Kickball was the last event of the Olympics and possibly the one everyone was looking forward to the most since most of us hadn't played Kickball since grade school! Coach Lefebvre joined Team Carlie for the game and we felt this all but assured us victory! However, the only lead Team Carlie had all game was when Monica got the ball stuck up in the netting in the top of the first inning for a ground rule homerun! After that, however, Team Abbey, once again, dominated Kickball with Leah V and Sabrina's diving catches and the entire team's powerful kicks.

Team Abbey ended up winning the first ever GBVB Olympics and took home the gold with a 27-13 win! The week was a lot of fun and a great way to end not only the semester, but the 2010-11 school year. Just be ready for a rematch next year Team Abbey! Team Carlie will be working on its Kickball and Dodgeball skills all off-season!


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